Saturday, December 17, 2016

Aspergers Custom Trait by miceylulu

Hey there! One of my best friends has Aspergers, and so I worked with him closesly on making this mod. He's really happy and excited about using it, and so I hope that you all find it an interesting addition to your game

 What does this mod do?

This mod adds the custom trait "Aspergers" that affects mood, needs, skill gain.

Sims with Aspergers can become obsessive over people and things, need more reassurance than others, and can become overstimulated.

> Mood Buffs
Obsessed (focused, lasts 5 hours in game time)
Overstimulated (tense, lasts 3 hours game time)

Your Sim is completely focused on their favorite thing!

Your Sim's senses are overloaded!

> Needs and Skills
Social decays slower, increases faster
Energy decays faster
More difficulty increasing Child Social and Charisma skills
Logic skill increases at 1.3x
Friendships increase more slowly, decrease more quickly
Romantic relationships increase more slowly, decrease more quickly

> Whims
Will use whims from "Loner" trait
Ask for Reassurance from Someone
Enthuse About Interests with Someone
Research on the Computer
Prepare an Omelet (meant to be their favorite food that they frequently want to make)
Talk about Dreams with Someone
Enthuse about a New Show

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