Saturday, October 8, 2016

Internal Mood Names Replacement - More descriptive emotion names! by DLPalindrome

Internally, the game code refers to different levels of emotional states (moods) with different names than the ones we end up seeing: all of the second-stage emotion states, like 'Very Confident', have a more descriptive and concise original name - like 'Fearless'! This mod simply renames all of the mismatched moods back to their lovely internal names, and alters the mood descriptions to match their new names.

What's changed:

Very Angry -> Furious
Very Confident -> Fearless
Very Energized -> Pumped
Very Flirty -> Passionate
Very Focused - In the Zone
Very Happy -> Elated
Very Playful -> Silly
Very Inspired -> Imaginative
Very Tense -> Stressed
Very Uncomfortable -> Miserable
Very Sad -> Depressed
Very Embarrassed -> Humiliated

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