Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fight Cloud Animations by DontaySims1o1

Hello Everyone!

So I wanted to create a way for Machinima creators to utilize a few of the animations in the fight interaction without having a giant smoke cloud in the way. So I took it upon myself to take these animations and make them usable at command.

INFO: There are a total of three animations, two of which override an existing interactions in the game (and one that I though was neat so I added :D) All three of the interactions that have been overridden can be found in the mischievous social menu.

1.) The headlock- Overrides "Trick with hand buzzer" interaction found in the mischievous menu.

2.) Slap fight- Overrides "Scare" interaction that is found in the mischievous menu.

3.) Round house punch- Overrides "Slap silly" interaction also found in the mischievous menu.

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