Friday, September 9, 2016

Faster Intrrogation Progress by novalpangestik

Tired intrrogation progress is still low and this make work time runs out. With this mod you should not worry about the time working as a detective out, because of the interrogation process is always slow gain and easily decay when we interrogation of suspects. If you install this mod , the interrogation will not be reduced and the process of interrogation would gain quickly so that the mission will be completed as a detective , and you will not worry about the time runs out.

 You Must Have Get To Work Expansion Pack Required
To see detective career you must have get to work expansion pack because mod work on this pack.

Don't place more interrogation package too more and just pick one, otherwise this mod can be conflict.

Value change or mod type
Interrogation_MeterFastGainOnly (your sim had double gain meter progress if succeed intrrogation than original game)
Interrogation_SmallMeterLossOnly (your sim had small loss meter progress if fail intrrogation than original gameplay)
Interrogation_MeterNoLoss (your sim never get loss meter progress if fail intrrogation)

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