Tuesday, December 22, 2015

List Sim Information by Lynire

This lists some information about a sim. The idea behind it was to help with mod development and to easily answer questions about sims I see walking around such as "Do they have traits I like for my sim to get to know them?", "Are they from an in-world home?", "Are they an alien?", "Are they married?", "What outfit are they wearing?", "Is their hair and/or makeup the same across their outfits?" etc. You can see what all it lists by looking at the image, except for pregnancy progress since that is only listed for pregnant sims and this one is not expecting. The sim in the picture has only one outfit per CAS-enabled category and so the picture shows just one outfit for each of those categories, but this mod lists all the outfits in each category.

See the "Install Instructions" tab for how to install script mods and assure they are enabled.

You can list information for the current sim or a named sim. You do this using the cheat console. since the information is longer than what fits in the displayed portion of the cheat console output, you will need to scroll the output if you want to see all/more of the information.

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