Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Basic Buy Whims/Edits by Plasticbox

Build Pool Whim Override:
Changes the text so that it talks about building a pool, not buying a pool .. from Build Mode. That just sounds confused. Also skips the redundant “at least 1x1”, because how can a pool be any less than that size? The text override is US English only.
Resurrects the Build Pool whim icon that apparently went overboard at some point.
Filters the whim so that only adults with at least 3 Fitness and children with at least 6 Motor skill will get it.

Overrides 0x598F28E7-0x00000000-0x00000000000195E0 Whim_BuyPool

Basic Buy Overrides:
Removes “Buy TV”, “Buy Computer”, and “Buy Dishwasher” from the “Basic” whimset, as that is quite high priority and those things are not basics IMO ‒ these whims are now in the additional set, see below
Also removes sofas and loveseats from the criteria for the “Buy Chair” whim, making it purely a chair whim (sofas and loveseats are split up and moved to the additional whimset below)
“Buy TV”, “Buy Computer”, “Buy Stereo” and “Buy Dishwasher” whims are tuned so that Frugal sims will not get them; Stereo gives 25 points instead of 50
“Buy a Book” is now triggered by not owning a book instead of by not owning a stove >.<

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