Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CAS Custom Trait: Yoga Instructor by DrewShivers

Breathe in deep, now exhale slowly. Don’t forget to hold your posture comfortably before releasing. As you mimic your instructor’s stretches, twists and poses, you cannot help but feel like a steel bar. She’s limber, fit and doesn’t appear at all bothered by shifting about her limbs every which way.

There are sims that know nothing of yoga and there are sims who use it for relieving tension. Attempting yoga blindly can result in accidents and muscles bending in the wrong direction, resulting in injury. This is where yoga instructors come in. These sims are kind by nature, love to mentor and live a healthy lifestyle.

Are Focused by default
Can never be Tense
Social need decays 15% faster
Energy need decays 15% slower
Hygiene need decays 20% slower
Learn the Homestyle Cooking skill 25% faster
Learn the Gourmet Cooking skill 20% faster
Learn the Wellness skill 60% faster (Spa Day owners only)
Learn the Fitness skill 40% faster
This is to compensate base game only users
Learn the Charisma skill 20% faster
Autonomy includes that of the Ambitious, Active, Good, Loves Outdoors and Outgoing traits as well as the Focused and Happy emotions
Whims include working out physically and using equipment, cooking lean meals such as various seafood dishes, breakfast foods, pastas and salads, making protein shakes,  researching workout tips, giving workout tips, mentoring others in fitness, dancing, cleaning and helping younger sims with homework

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