Monday, August 31, 2015

Custom CAS Trait: Paramedic by DrewShivers

Pull out those latex gloves and get ready to inspect some ailing sims. Duty calls. Everyday you watch patients enter the health facility with minor to serious fevers and deadly diseases. It’s your job to diagnose and treat patients in the hospital and even out in the world when possible. Cleanly and gregarious, it’s all about the patient’s well being to you and having a big heart in the medical field can be both promising and difficult.

Paramedics are the ones that strive to save lives, create cures and help bring little nooboos into the world. Being cleanly, focused and friendly is only a fraction of the job. Whether this sim is performing serious surgery, doing paper work and working on medical files or mopping up puddles as an intern, they’re always busy. Hope you’re not squeamish. If you are, you may suggest talking to the secretary at the front desk and ask her to swap jobs. She’ll most likely say no, but it’s worth a shot, right?


Are Focused by default
Can never be Dazed
Career: Doctor, needs decay 40% slower (GTW owners only)
To assist the Doctor career
Fun need decays 20% slower and replenishes 10% faster
Social need decays 20% faster
Energy need decays 25% slower and replenishes 10% faster
Hygiene need decays 40% slower
Learn the Homestyle Cooking 15% faster
Learn the Writing skill 35% faster
Learn the Programming skill 15% faster
Learn the Handiness skill 40% faster
To assist the Doctor career (X-Ray machines)
Learn the Logic skill 50% faster
Learn the Physical skill 20% faster
Learn the Charisma skill 20% faster
Learn the Mischief skill 20% slower
Autonomy includes that of the Active, Bookworm, Genius and Outgoing traits and the Focused emotion.
Whims include creating mathematical diagrams on the easel, all usage of herbalism such creating remedies, using potions to cure sicknesses and testing herbs(ODR owners only), repairing and upgrading objects, general friendly interactions, practicing programming, researching on the computer, reading a book and cleaning the house

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