Saturday, October 25, 2014

PTME - Emotional Overcharge (Social Interaction Tuning) by FlorianPTME

 PTME - Emotional Overcharge (Alpha Version)

When I started playing "The Sims 4" I instantly fell in love with the emotion system. However, after just a couple of hours into the game I got incredibly bored. Every sim I met had pretty much the same behaviour and going out got dull very soon because everyone was only dancing, chatting, drinking and having a good time. While there is nothing wrong with having a good time per se I missed all the little dramas I encountered in Sims 3 with mods like the wonderful ones by NRaas Industries. Unfortunately nothing like NRaas is available for Sims 4 at the moment so I switched to rotational play for a while. But even in a new neighbourhood filled with handmade households and all their different relationships set up in hours of playtime my sims are usually dodging all the drama that could potentially occur.

 So... What does the mod do?

First, many of the possible social interactions are disabled for the autonomy by default. If they don't get magically enabled later based maybe on the situation (I haven't found anything like that in the code though) we won't see any of them in the game. So I enabled pretty much all of them. Also the mood preference settings for the different interactions are quite... "flattened" in my opinion. So there is still a very high chance that a sim would say enough friendly things to push everyone back in the happy mood/pleasant conversation state as soon as possible. So I also changed pretty much every interaction to a much more emotional state dependent setting (meaning angry sims would more likely pick a mean action over a friendly one). I also tuned different buffs like jealousy and the invisible ones from traits (they also provide bonus points for certain interactions) to a some more aggressive values than before.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

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