Saturday, April 22, 2017

Unlocked Box 'o Junk + Deco by Bakie

Unlocked Box 'o Junk + deco version
After my previous video about the 15 unlocked snow globes, I thought that it maybe would be nice to have the Box 'o Junk, Read: snow globe spawner, in buy mode too.
So I unlocked it and also made a deco version of it. The Deco version is also made able to be placed on surfaces. I also changed the original 4-tile footprint to a more reasonable 1-tile footprint.

Object information:
City Living Expansion Pack required.
It's a standalone object, so it won't overwrite any other objects in game.
You can find the Box 'o Junk under Buy mode > Decoration > Misc OR type Junk into the search bar.
You can recognize it by my "BG logo" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The cost are: 2 Simoleons

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