Sunday, March 12, 2017

Vampire Tuning & Socializing is Fun! by PolarBearSims

UPDATED to the latest patch on 2/2.17

3/10/17 Change log:
Added flavor to allow vampires to drink from pregnant sims!

I created this mod because it really bothered me how the sims don't see to find it fun to socialize with other sims including dates. So I decided to take a few interactions from each of the catagories and let them get some fun gain in their needs bar. So now if you use some of the interactions in these packs you will get some fun in Friendly, Romance, and Vampires. I have them broken up into Flavors that way you can pick and choose. They can be gotten together except the Vampire Flavors. You can only choose one of the Vampire flavors since they change the same XML's. All Vampire Flavors will have the fun motive raised like the other interactions.

If you choose a Vampire Flavor you need the Vampires Expansion Pack for them to work. Make sure you read each of them so you make sure you get the ones you want.

Some of the interactions have been changed to Autonomous

Thanks you fellow simmer, luvbunnyxx2, if you use MCCC you can set it to allow sims to die off of lots and that will allow the vampire add on to kill the sims off lot

I used these with MCCC and seem to be compatible with each other.

I plan on eventually learning injections in coding so one day these do not conflict with others but until then,  these will more than likely conflict with any other mod that changes these XML's.

I plan on doing more flavors in the future but here are the ones currently ready for download!

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