Friday, March 10, 2017

Scrying Basin and The Art Of Magic Mod by WildWitch's Concoctions

Scrying Basin

Now you can be like Galadriel from lord of the rings...

The Scrying basin will allow you to learn other sims (that you've met) traits and career, but that's not all you can scry other realms and gain a vision that will effect you emotionally and of course you can draw energy from the ether to restore our energy motive because sleeping is for mundanes. There are cool effects that come with the scrying too.

You can find the "scrying basin" in the activities/knowledge section of the build buy catalogue

The art of magic is a few weeks solid production magic mod that will allow your sims to learn the secrets of magic at the altar of magic, look for the altar under Knowledge in activities section of the build buy menu.

There are quite a few spell effects from summoning crystals to arcane blasting sims that annoy you. This spell pack has something for every sim, but its not the end I will keep updating this mod with more spells as new ideas come to me and new expansions are released.

Go forth mages and show the world the power of MAGIC

Forgot to say it requres...
Get to Work
Get together
City Life
luxury party stuff
Romantic garden stuff
Spa Day Stuff
and outdoor retreat

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