Saturday, March 4, 2017

No Automatic Promotions by Andrew & OM

Have you ever had a Sim who was happier not being at the top of the career ladder? Have you ever had a Sim who just wanted to focus more on their family, their interests, or traveling? Have you ever just wanted to have a little more realistic control over your Sim's occupation? Unfortunately the game gives limited control over this aspect. The only way to prevent a promotion is by either trying not to get the skills needed for the next level or forcing your Sim to perform poorly at their job.

This mod prevents adult and teen Sims from being automatically promoted at the end of their work day (except for school grades for children and teens). Instead, your Sim will have a new option to call their place of work and ask their boss for a promotion. Using the same formula that the base game uses for the auto-promotions, your Sim will either be promoted or rejected if they do not meet the skill and job performance requirements. When a Sim is rejected, they get an embarrassed mood, and they cannot ask again until they have gotten over their embarrassment. If your Sim is happy with their current job, just don't make the call. They can keep performing well at their job and acquire any skills that they want without being forced to climb the career ladder.

Please note: If you want your Sim to get a promotion, they will have to make a call. A call does note guarantee a Sim's promotion. If their job performance doesn't meet the requirement, their boss will reject their request. That will not alter their current job position at all.

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