Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Faster Showers & Baths! by PolarBearSims

There have been a couple other mods created to help the speed of showers and baths. However, it hasn't been updated since August of 2016 and there have been multiple comments saying it doesn't work or is broke. If you would like to see the mod you can find it HERE

I think it is ridiculous on how slow the sims are in doing things. I understand it taking some time to do things but 75min for a basic shower? Really! lol So I decided to take a look at what all needed to be done to fix that. I decided not to change the actual showers or tubs to make them faster. Instead of having that many different files I chose only to change a few files instead and by doing that it effects all the showers and bathtubs for that interaction  I didn't change all of the different possibilies since the others seemed more like they probably should take longer. For instance, taking a mud bath or one of the other specialty baths. If your gonna pay money you might as well get to have it longer!

The interactions change are listed below in bold

So from my testing using the Post Modern Shower Stall these are the results:
Basic Shower:
This is with my sim having the stinkiest stink possible lol Basic shower took 75 min.
Now it will take approx 40 min.

Brisk Shower:
Brisk shower before took 25min and only got your sim 1/2 clean if you were really stinky so that's no different than 50 min to shower!
Now it takes 15 min and cleans 100%

Steamy Shower:
Also took 75 min
Now approx 40min. Just seemed like if your shower is making your flirty then it is probaby taking longer

Thoughtful Shower:
Also took a long time lol I forgot to time it
Now it takes 45 min. Again made it a little longer since your sim must be thinking a lot lol

The baths took about the same time of 75 min
Now takes 35-40 min

Bubble Bath:
Now takes 40 min

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