Monday, February 6, 2017

Vampire XP Gain Mods - Two Mods by Chaavik

These mods adjust the amount of experience gained through the Vampire interactions the Vampires use such as Request Vampiric Training, Vampiric Spar and etc. These interactions are usually displayed with a Bat symbol next to them (US English, not sure about other languages).

EA default values did not give substantial gains for the Vampires to gain ranks and powers/weaknesses.The XP bars (in Live mode and in the Vampire Powers window) showed very little increases to make it worthwhile to play Vampires.

You would have to spend so much time leveling your Vampires to Grand Vampire without a mod to increase the amount of XP. If you install one of the flavors below, you definitely will spend much less time leveling your Vampires, depending on which version you choose to gain an amount of XP toward their next rank.

There are 3 flavors to choose from:

VampireXPGainx2: doubles the amount of experience toward ranks (Personal Pick)
VampireXPGainx3: triples the amount of experience toward ranks
VampireXPGainx4: quadruptles the amount of experience toward ranks

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