Saturday, February 11, 2017

Toddlers have less nightmares - 3 flavors by Candyd

Does your toddler break your heart crying almost every night because of a nightmare ? More likely, is your sim woken up several times every night by her triplets and her husband's alien triplets born by pure coincidence at the exact same time ? Even more likely, does having to read toddler books and turn on the radio every night for their wild toddler give your sims nightmares ? If you answered yes to one of these questions, this mod is for you !

What does this mod do ?

In the Sims 4, toddlers have a 50% chance of having a nightmare at night ; this chance is divided by 5 for independent toddlers, and all toddlers have 10 times less nightmares than before once their thinking skill reaches 3.

My mod changes the base chance : one flavor reduces the nightmares to 20%, another to 10%, and the last one completely eliminates nightmares from the start. Flavors that still allow nightmares also allow independent toddlers and toddlers with high thinking skill to have less nightmares than others, as only the base chance to have nightmares has been changed.

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