Thursday, February 2, 2017

No Forced Outfits On Vampires by Ravynwolvf

If you haven't noticed, the vampires who come out late at night in your neighborhoods aren't exactly snappy dressers. And although you can edit their clothes in CAS, it won't matter. That's because Maxis, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea (and somehow necessary) to create a random career outfit to change them into every time they appear. That's right, they don't even just assign them a career outfit ONCE that you could use a cheat to go in and edit; instead the game keeps generating NEW ones every time they creep into your neighborhood, which overwrites the old one.

I don't even know how they decide which clothes to use. I found three female vampires in my hood at once who all had the same full body outfit and shoes, just different colors, which all came from the vampire pack (boring, but somewhat vampire like). But then I also found an elderly female vampire strolling down the sidewalk in a swimsuit and high heels (shudder), and THAT was an assigned career outfit as well. Maybe the swimsuit came from the pack, but I really don't care; the madness had to stop. You can suck my blood if you want, just not in a Speedo.

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