Thursday, February 9, 2017

Improved reactions to aliens - 4 flavors by Candyd

If you play with aliens, you may fear angry reactions from sims who meet them, to the point where no relationships between alien and human sims are possible. You may also be sad because of the embarrassed emotion that aliens feel if they don't disguise themselves all the time. Or you may wonder why good sims don't react to aliens with more kindness.

If yes, this mod will solve your problems.

How do sims behave by default ?

Sims always get a +2 angry moodlet discovering an alien if their relationship (friendship bar) is worse than -5 ; moodlets are randomly angry or confident if the relationship is between -5 and +5 ; the moodlet is always +2 confident if the relationship is superior to +5.

When discovered, aliens have 50% chance to feel +2 embarrassed.

When discovering an alien, sims get a random relationship gain or drop varying between -10 and +10. The exceptions are insane sims (random, between -20 and + 20), cheerful sims (always +10), geeks (always +20), mean sims (always -10), hot-headed sims (always -10).

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