Friday, February 10, 2017

Blood bag O Negative and Emergency cooler for your Vampire by Séri

Emergency cooler and blood bags
You must have DLC Vampire and Outdoor Retreat

Blood bag O Negative to eat for vampire.
And freshly perfused this blood bag O negative from the hospital is of the best quality and costs very expensive on the black market.

Price: 150
Category: Buy > Appliances > Miscellaneous
Mesh by me

Emergency cooler for blood bags
This emergency cooler ensures that you keep all your blood bag for transfusion during transport to the nearest hospital.
The Emergency cooler can be put in the inventory sims.
But if your Sims wants to put food in the fridge, you will have a bug.
You'll must to take the cooler off the inventory for that!

Price: 145
Category: Buy > entertainment > Miscellaneous > Activity (outdoor)

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