Saturday, January 21, 2017

TS4 Romantic Skygaze by Dramatic-Gamer

Mod Info

  • This is a custom script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods or override any game data "Interactions,Animations"
  • Your sims will get a new interaction in the romantic category
  • The interaction will be called "Romantic Cloudgaze" In the morning & "Romantic Skygaze" At night
  • This mod adds new "Buffs" that changes according to what time You used the interaction at
  • The interaction has a custom "Get in" & "Get Out" animations that matches the interactions animations & sims will perform them first & not just suddenly lay on the ground or stand up
  • The interaction shuffles through 4 different animations randomly once they have lied on the ground 
  • The animations are "Gaze" "Point" "Snuggle" "Kiss"
  • Sims will make sounds during the interaction & will also lip sync according the the sound they're making
  • Note: Lip syncing has been broken in the entire game since the toddlers patch & the lip syncing in this mod will return once EA fixes the issue
  • The interaction works like other romantic interactions and requires a little amount of romantic interest & has a jealousy broadcaster.
  • This interaction will be available once the "Embrace" Interaction is available
  • This mod is available in all languages
  • Your sims will gain romantic & friendship relationship while Skygazing
  • Your sims will gain social & fun needs while Skygazing

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