Monday, January 9, 2017

Grow Up Aspiration (TS2-TS4) by jackboog21

1/7/2017 - Added Russian translations. (Thanks TheSimmer26)

The Grow Up aspiration from The Sims 2 is back! Thanks to Zerbu's awesome Mod Constructor I have recreated the Grow Up aspiration.

The original aspiration had 6 levels, but since I can't do that I cut the last and first level. When creating each level I pulled from the name and the original aspiration's wants. In the end, each level sorta become a mini-version of the other child aspirations.

The aspiration will give your child whims; though none of them are new whims. Basic things, like Read Something, Level up a skill, Play with Toys, etc.

Bothersome Brat:
A Bothersome Brat is mean, wants to get to level 5 in Motor, and play on the Monkey Bars.

*Achieve Level 5 in Motor
*Be Mean 5 Times
*Play on the Monkey Bars 5 Times

Typical Tyke:
Now your Bothersome Brat has become more tolerable, they're a Typical Tyke. They want to do more homework, make a friend, and get to Social skill level 5.

*Achieve Level 5 in Social
*Make a Friend
*Do Homework (2 times)

Gifted Kid:
Your child seems to have gotten a gift for using the activity table and drawing on placemats. They also really want to play with their toys and get level 5 Creativity.

*Achieve Level 5 in Creativity
*Play with Toys (5 times)
*Use Activity Table or Draw on A Placemat (5 times)

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