Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cloning Machine Variable Success Rate Update by NightTorch


So apparently there ARE people who wants a slight chance of failure. My bad. Then I'll add an 80% chance one. Better for everybody?


I stopped playing sims for a while, but recently got back into it. And, me being the scientist lover I am, was quite surprised to see that the Mysaddnessday's cloning machine mod no longer works! Can't have that now can we?! So, until he comes back (or if), I had a little free time on my hands so I slapped together this updated mod for the game!

 What this is

Just like the original by Mysaddnessday, this mod simply ups the success rate of attempted cloning to 100% and drops the cloned items straight into your inventory. Short and simple. While he had 2 other flavors of the mod, I decided to stick to just a 100% rate. Most if not everyone will want this mod for the upped rate anyway right?

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