Thursday, November 3, 2016

Update-No More ingredients needed mod by cyberops

Seeing that the creator is missing for a long time, I have decided to update its version for patch 1.24 (oct 2016)
It is possible that this update to be here on a temporary basis if the creator will return
If he will be back, this thread will be deleted.

I don't know what the future would bring
Posting this update I didn’t want to offend the creator, I wanted only help the players

This mod has been rebuilt from scratch..
This was a mod I been working on 3 days since I had to check 372 files and edit 215 files but the end is… no more need for ingredients for foods, herbal remedies herbs and chemical potions.

-No_More_Ingredients_Needed_all_recipes 1.24 – for all cooked baked and grilled, etc foods.
-No_More_Ingredients_Needed_Herbalism_recipes 1.24 - Separate package for Herbal recipes that came with Outdoor Retreat
-No_More_Ingredients_Needed_Serum_recipes 1.24 - Separate package for Serum recipes required for Chemistry Lab from Get To Work.

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