Monday, November 28, 2016

DeWinter's Mirage by The Valerius Vaults

One might consider this week’s goodie budgie ‘s fault. After all Armand’s store and all the lovely fashion photographies budgie made of Morgan were simply begging for a matching perfume. The result is Mirage, a snapdragon fragrance with subtle hints of chrysanthemum and orchid. Mirage can be created with 2 skill levels in Herbalism and requires a load of flowers to craft. Sims who don’t like to get their hands dirty may also simply buy it at the retail store - for a certain price of course. The buyable version of Mirage can be found in the retail tab and now sports a traditional airmail border for easy spotting as shown below. Mirage of course gives a flirty buff.

To use the buyable version simply drop the package in your mods folder, open your prefered retail store venue and place the object. To craft Mirage yourself, please also download the latest version of the cookbook from its post.

DeWinter’s Mirage
An alluring concoction of snapdragon with subtle hints of orchid and chrysanthemum, “Mirage” was brewed from natural flowers in the prestigious Valerius Vaults. (Might contain traces of alien fibres and induce a heavy desire to flirt.)
Requires: GP01 Outdoor Retreat
Location: Venue > Retail
Price: 250 §

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