Thursday, October 13, 2016

Club Requriment: Gender Filters by Iam4ever

When I first bought all of the Sims 4 as it is, I was surprised to find that this wasn't a filter in the game as it was.

So my first thought was to find a mod for it, but alas there was only one and hasn't been updated in a year! My options were limited at this point, either I give up and wait for someone else to make a new mod or I make it myself!

I chose option 2!

And now I share the fruit of my labors with all you good people

So this mod is super basic it simply add the Male and Female traits to the list of member requirements you can choose from for Clubs!

So create your Boys only outdoor sports club, your Red hat society club of a bunch of old bitties, or what ever innocent or less so club ideas your heart desires! Let this filter give you many more options for creative play!

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