Sunday, September 11, 2016

GTW Retail Enhancements by Judy by scrums

This mod consists of 3 packages, which may be used together or alone to enhance the experience of running a retail business.

Retail Palm
This is a clone of the base game's potted palm plant decoration. It can be found in Decoration - Plants next to the original.

This plant has its own custom tuning and two interactions:

Close and Restock - the store is closed (if open) and the selected sim starts automatically restocking a minute or so after the interaction is cancelled in their queue. Using the action when the store is closed will still start the sim restocking. The sim is given the buff_AutonomyMod_Retail_Employee_Restock buff.

Ring up customers - available when the store is open, The selected sim will concentrate on ringing up customers. The sim is given the buff_AutonomyMod_Retail_Employee_RingUpCustomers buff and the buff_AutonomyMod_Retail_Employee_Restock buff is removed. Additionally the sim will not chat or smell food when ringing up

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