Friday, September 30, 2016

Computer & Poster Combo to make your Sims focused while programming by Dexmach1

 DCorp Hawk1k:

>This is a new mesh based on an Sims 4 base game mesh. This means I took a computer mesh and I made a new computer with another textures and I changed the computer characteristics. This computer is unbreakable and it gives a mood focused by turnig on its aura. But to make this computer more balanced and realistic I made that it can be used only to programming and hacking. This computer does not support video-games or writing software. Is a computer made for programming and keep the Sims focused on that job.

>The computer can be found in the catalog by searching DCorp Hawk 1k or in .../electronics/computers

>The DCorp Hawk 1k costs 1000 S.

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