Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Doughnuts From The Stove by The Valerius Vaults

Basically a tuning-mod/override which I started while writing my tutorial on food last weekend. It’s a simple override which adds a picker menu for custom recipes to the Nicer Home and Lots Classic Cookbook sculpture which came with the kitchen stuff SP. Currently the only recipes listed are the doughnut recipes from GTW, as I usually don’t have room in my kitchens for the cupcake machine, but my sims still would like to eat and cook bakerey goods. This is a two part download:

The cookbook: Overrides the cookbook pile from Cool Kitchen Stuff and adds a custom interaction. The object is now livedrag enabled, can be stored in a Sim’s inventory and can be found under Applicances > Misc. To use it, place it somewhere on the lot, click anc pick. (requires Cool Kitchen Stuff to work)

The Doughnut Recipes: Allows doughnuts to be baked from the stove (yeah, I know .... ), also changes the existing doughnut recipes to display a greater price and skill-level range at restaurants and most importantly, adds an unhealthy amount of calories to the doughnut tuning. A doughnut now has 300 Simcalories - instead of 0. (requires GTW to function)

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