Friday, February 19, 2016

Updated S4PE 0.4.3

Assorted fixes and updates by CmarNYC, Buzzler, pbox, Inge Jones

UPDATE:  2/19/16
Some more small fixes to 0.4.3-beta, but those are mostly just internal cleanup. See below for a list of all updates since 0.3c (excerpts; see the beta release notes for full details).

Contributors: CmarNYC, Inge Jones, Buzzler, pbox; see the commits for details.

To post feedback you can use this thread at mts.

Use 7zip to uncompress the binary, it will likely not work otherwise.

Changelog since 0.3c:


Fixed CatalogCommon issue with additional byte in AuralProperties v4 (affected CCOL and COBJ); CatalogCommon is now version 0xB by default
Fixed CLIP issues with creating new instances, fixed bug in resource write
Updates, edits, additions:

New wrappers for THUM (_THM) 0x16CA6BC4 / TMLT 0xB0118C15
Read/ReadOnly file open dialog overhaul
png import/export options added for 0xE254AE6E, 0xE18CAEE2, 0x16CCF748
MTBL updated from updated EA template
Updated Extensions.txt ( = fewer UNKN)
Stray headers updated

Feedback at Mod The Sims
Thanks Plasticbox

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