Thursday, December 10, 2015

Functional Painting Canvas Storage Rack to stock paintings by Selliato

This Rack allow you to stock any Canvas painted by your Sims with all the properties of the original Painting Canvas Storage Rack ( Lvl 5 painter reward ).
Like for other container click on the object and select open to enjoy this new inventory. To add canvas you can use the user interface or drag & drop it to the Painting Canvas Storage Rack in live mode.
Canvas inventory are object related.

It uses the original ressources mixed with some code from the toy box but It's a standalone item who doesn't replace the original. This version doesn't need unlock to avoid problem with people who are already above the Lvl. 5 painter career..
It overdrive the blank canvas object used by the game for the painting to allow them to be stocked but the change is transparent.

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