Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Desserts Are Baking Recipes by r3m

It was nice to see a third Cooking skill added by Get to Work, except for the fact that old cake and cookie recipes were not updated to count towards the new Baking skill.

As this was bugging me, I made this mod for the sake of consistency. It solves the problem by recategorizing certain dessert recipes (see table below). In addition, I also included other fixes & changes related to the Baking skill and the Culinary career.

Included in r3m_baking_cooking_recipe_fixes.package:
13 homestyle and 7 gourmet recipes were moved to the Bake… option in the fridge/oven.
8 cupcake recipes were moved to a Make Cupcakes… option in the cupcake machine.
Sims gain Baking skill instead of (Gourmet) Cooking skill by preparing the edited recipes.
The Bake… interaction will be greyed out if the power is shut off.

Included in r3m_baking_culinary_career_fixes.package:
Baking will now satisfy the Prepare Food task of the Culinary career.
Using fresh ingredients to prepare baked goods will now trigger the "Fresh is Best!" buff for Survivalist Sims.
Head Caterers now require Baking Level 4 instead of Cooking Level 6 to be promoted to Pastry Chefs.
To compensate, Pastry Chefs now require Cooking Level 6 instead of 7 for their promotion.
Head Caterers and Pastry Chefs can Bake Pastries at work to improve their Baking skill.

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