Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tuning mods to keep certain handy items in sims inventory by coolspear1 - MTS

Three quick tuning mods to make sims autonomously place the Tablet (Slablet), the Clay Blob and the Future Cube back into their personal inventories after they have finished using them.

I got sick, sore and tired of having to ALWAYS pick the Tablets off the floor and place them back onto tables as sims are utterly incompetent at doing this. Or having to hunt all through the house as to where they may have hidden these items after using them. Putting them right back where they found them is an incomprehensible notion to the sims, until now.

Just place any of these items into their personal inventories, and whether they use them autonomously or are pushed to use them by you, they will put them right back into their inventory directly afterwards. Yay!!! They can do it!!!

Of course, that means if you direct them to use any of these items that may have been sitting on a surface beforehand in a decorative fashion, they will place it into their inventories forevermore thereafter.

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