Saturday, August 29, 2015

Smarter Autonomous Meal Sizes by scumbumbo


I found the default choices made by sims for meal size when cooking to be annoying. The default is to cook a single plate of a meal unless there are other hungry sims in the household, which ignores the fact that meals don't spoil right away particularly if they are popped into the fridge and fails to predict that other sims may soon be hungry even if they aren't now. This mod alters the autonomous meal cooking behaviour in the game. The following changes are made:
If there are one or two sims in the household, a random choice is made to cook either a single plate or a medium (4 plate) meal.
If there are three or more sims in the household, either a medium (4 plate) or large (8 plate) meal will be prepared.
Enables more of the gourmet meals to be prepared autonomously (using the same rules as above).
Sims will never prepare just a snack for a meal unless they live alone.
As a safety feature in case no older sims are present, children can always prepare a snack but will choose to eat an existing proper meal if one is available.

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