Sunday, February 1, 2015

S4GI - The Sims 4 Game Identifier [Beta 0.1 - Testers Wanted] by simalary44


Hello everyone, today, I made a program that can help you learn more details about your game - well, in a different way. This program can help you learn more about the technical side of things. It can help you locate your game installation path, your mods folder, and more!

What I need tested: Basically the whole program itself. I have tested it, but I need people with other machines so I know that the install directory works for everyone. [Please save your game when using tasks that will close it as it does NOT save for you]

- Currently only in English
- Locates your base game install location!
- Locates your mods folder!
- States what DLC, game packs, stuff packs* , and expansion packs* you have installed! [* = Pack(s) currently not released. The program WILL detect cracked versions, if installed through the base game installation path and having the pack folder (Ex: AB01)]
- States whether your Sims 4 game is open!
- Easily launch and exit* your game! [* = The program does NOT save your game, it will confirm this action with you]
- Easily clears your cache for you!
- Lists game version*! [On some machines (like mine), the GameVersion.txt file is not read correctly]
- Export the details on a .txt file to your desktop to view easily!
- More features planned ahead!

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