Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eyes and Eyes with Whiter Teeth by EndlessLaziness

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  1. Hi, I love these eyes but can't make them work, does anyone have the same problem? All the other mods I have work fine but not this one, I even deleted my cache files thinking they might be buggy but still nothing, and I only chose one version(with/without teeth) of facemask. Please answer

    1. Hello, and thank you for the information. I'm sorry that face paint doesn't work in your game, personally I have no problems with either lenses or only teeth mod, which is located in the same category in cas. Are you sure you are looking for them in face paint category with no any outfit filter on? If so, I will look into this problem, but for now I have no idea why such a thing could happen, except maybe that I chose yuMakeupFacepaintHappy as a base in Sims 4 Studio, and for some reason it works not in every game.

    2. Hey, thanks for a quick reply, I'm sorry I couldn't reply sooner. I tried everything and still no success, I thought that some mods might conflict with yours but it wasn't an issue. I don't know what might be a problem but I would be very glad if you could make them again or convert them to non-default eyes like for example these:
      They show up as eyes and they work fine. I don't know where tutorial might be. If you have time please redo them, thanks! :D

    3. Well, that's a bad news, still have no idea why they don't show up in adult facepaint category, asked some people from russian forum to test - they have no problems. Magic! But the good news are that all these lenses were already released as non-default eyes (except several bonus recolors, so in total it would be not 95, but 73 colors), the only difference is that sclera from the first eye pack is darker, more in Mouseyblue style, but in the second pack sclera differences is not that dramatic, you could hardly notice it without zoom and some really emotional eye animation.

    4. Wow, thank you for these links :D I love these eyes!! It's good to have multiple choices, these ones work fine :)

    5. That's kind of a tonne of comments already, but I just wanted to say, that lenses may be fixed now - I’ve changed version from s4s in s4pe, but due to my deluxe edition it's kinda hard to tell, if they working now for other game editions or not... hope they do, lol. Thank you again for letting me know.

    6. OMG you fixed it :D THANKS!! :D I can't believe this, it's great! :D Thank you very much for fast and productive response! ;)
      Велики поздрав из Србије! :)