Friday, February 10, 2017

Gym Rats Don’t Die From Exercise Mod by HumanowitzLegacy

Just a little mod I’ve been tinkering with. It’s nothing special, unless you happen to be one of dozens of players who don’t want their elders dying of exhaustion!

Now, I don’t mind it when elders die from exhaustion. When I need to make a ghost for the family graveyard, having the ability to Woohoo someone to death can come in handy.

But if they’re Sims who take their fitness seriously, for example Gym Rats, then it stops being so handy! Just because my bodybuilder is an elder, all of a sudden he can’t work out? I don’t think so. I had a Sim who loved to jog every day, but the second she became an elder, she was suddenly dangerously unfit.

That’s not realistic, or fun.

So, that’s what this mod does. It prevents Gym Rats from dying of exhaustion.

I’ve tested this mod fairly extensively (as seen above, my test subjects were an elderly Arun and a very pregnant Jesminder), but there’s always the chance I missed something, so consider this a beta release!

Report any bugs in the comments section, and as always, please don’t come to me for requests.
I do this for my own personal use, it’s just that sometimes these mods are useful for other people.

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