Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Sims 4 Mods: Supernatural Set

Happy Vampires release day!

You can make your experience even better with two new mods: a Supernatural Fan trait, and an aspiration for Child Sims based on Vampire Lore, Educated Vampire.

Effects of the Supernatural Fan trait:

Sims will get Confident around supernatural Sims, and to a lesser extent, ghosts.
If the Sim with the trait is not supernatural, they’ll get an occasional +2 Sad Moodlet.
If the Sim doesn’t spend enough time around supernaturals, they’ll get a +2 Sad Moodlet which requires spending time with supernaturals to go away.
The Sim will build the Vampire Lore skill faster.
At night, the Sim may randomly get a +1 Inspired Moodlet.
The Sim will become Inspired from playing the Pipe Organ or sleeping in a coffin.
The Sim will become Focused from building the Vampire Lore skill.
The Sim will get a +1 Energized Moodlet on Planet Sixam.
The Sim will get a +1 Focused Moodlet while using the observatory.
While the Supernatural Fan trait will work with just aliens, it was designed with vampires in mind, and since finding aliens is harder than finding vampires, it may get annoying trying to fulfil the requirement to spend time with supernaturals.

The reward trait for the Educated Vampire aspiration is Gifted Vampire, which will decrease the amount of Vampire Energy used once the Sim grows up.

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