Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gaming Set by BrittPinkieSims

This set includes:

Functional Consoles (City Living EP Required- does not override original consoles):

GameCube- 6 swatches
N64- 2 swatches
NES- 2 swatches
SNES- 2 swatches
Wii- 2 swatches
Controller Overrides (City Living Required- only choose 1- ONE- override file at a time):


All controllers and consoles are by Black Garden and were converted from The Sims 2 and made functional by me.  They are also available in decorative form.  The deco versions are base game compatible :)

Decorative Pieces:

Decorative Game Boy DS- 3 swatches (mesh from
Decorative Game Boy Classic- 2 swatches (mesh from
Decorative Game Boy Advance- 7 swatches (mesh from
Video Game Case Clutter- 7 swatches (mesh by Black Garden; available either lying down or standing- the flat/lying down meshes can be stacked on one another)
Framed Game Posters- 19 swatches (mesh by @black-le​)
Rectangle Gaming Canvas- 3 swatches
Gaming Rugs- 13 swatches
“Scattered” Gaming Canvas- 3 swatches
Square Gaming Canvas- 5 swatches

10 child shirts (unisex)
11 male shirts (for teens, young adults, adults and elders)
10 female shirts (also TYAAE)


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