Monday, September 14, 2015

Custom CAS Trait: Feminist by DrewShivers

If you think she can’t do just as much as you can, you’re immensely jaded and will be astounded the very moment she completes the tasks you can and possibly even better. There’s nothing that a fellow can do that this woman cannot and she’ll tell you herself. Rights are something valued and sought after by sims of all types and she ensures to find a happy medium, meaning equality for everyone.

Sims that pursue the feminist belief are kind and open to the desire to have equality between the genders. These sims are both women and men alike. After all, a gentleman can desire gender equality as well. Despite this, these sims can often be found socializing, excelling through careers confidently and bringing awareness through the creation of novels and articles.

Can never be Embarrassed
Need Decay
All needs decay 30% slower while at work for the following careers
Detective, Doctor, Scientist (Get to Work only)
Astronaut, Athlete, Business, Culinary, Secret Agent, Tech Guru
** Let me know how effective this is
Social need decays 10% faster
Hygiene decays 15% slower
Skill Gains
Learn the Writing skill 25% faster
Learn the Handiness skill 20% faster
Learn the Rocket Science skill 20$ faster
Learn the Logic skill 25% faster
Learn the Charisma skill 25% faster
Friendships increase 15% faster
Behavior includes that of the Genius, Self Assured and Outgoing traits and Confident emotion
Basic friendly desires such as making friends, getting to know sims
Romantic instances such going steady, marriage and flirting
Becoming confident, practice speaking in the mirror, going to work confident and even showing off muscles while confident
Donating to charity
Publishing and writing books as well as writing articles
Gain promotions through work


  1. I feel that the trait should trigger anger when talking to men if it's possible to do so

  2. Oh god no this is the most idiotic mod ever. Please, create and EGALATARIAN mod. Feminists do not promote equality of the sexes, it promotes female superiority. I understand not all feminists think that way, but that is what the MOVEMENT believes. The women with voices do not care about men's rights issues (Which do exist, believe it or not) as well as the fact they seem to only care about women in the west who ARE equal. By the way, I'm a female myself who has done a lot of research on this topic. Name me one right women don't have. I could go on, but I fear I am enraging sjw's enough as it is.

  3. The great thing about this is none of you have to download it. Anonymous, if you want an "EGALITARIAN" trait, then create it. :) I am going to assume that people who take objection to the concept behind this trait believe an individual shouldn't be 'rewarded' simply on the basis that they are female. Then it is logically consistent, that if you don't like someone else's work, you should create what you envision instead of harshly critiquing their hard work. You have the choice to not use it and countering it with something productive in lieu of typing a degrading and inflammatory message that only hurts your own personal cause.

    1. Nah, it's just hilariously cringy and sad to put P.C. things in a simulation game.

  4. I think the most frustrating and confusing thing about this mod is that the effects of the trait make her into the perfect sim. Needs decay slower, advances through work faster, learns totally unrelated skills faster, never has any unpleasant emotions. This is such bullshit, rename it the Mary-Sue trait.

  5. This is just the mod I was looking for, thanks for putting work into it!

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