Sunday, November 2, 2014

New and Updated Mods by Zerbu

Longer Moodlets
It was always bothering how quickly Sims would switch from one emotion to the other. As a result, became very difficult to get the full experience of the emotion a Sim was in, if it went away so fast.

This script helps fix the problem by boosting the length of any Moodlet that isn’t controlled by a need or hidden statistic.

Download the version of the mod you want and place the .zip file in your Mods folder (or a subfolder). Do not extract it. Script mods run directly from .zip files.

You must enable script mods from the options menu for this mod to work.

Longer Romance Moodlets
» Changes

Certain romance-related Moodlets, such as First Kiss, First WooHoo, Got Engaged, Got Married, etc… last a lot longer.
Moodlets gained from Silver dates last longer than Bronze ones, and Gold ones last longer than Silver ones.
Please inform me if there’s any Moodlets you think should be lengthened by this mod, but aren’t.

Death Changes
» Changes

When witnessing the death of a Loved One, Sims will get a +20 Sad Moodlet.
When witnessing the death of a Friend, Sims will get a +10 Sad Moodlet.
Moodlets induced by either of those deaths will last 5 days instead of the original 2 days.
Moodlets induced by death are now effected by interactions that reduce Sad Moodlets, like Cry It Out and Give Pep Talk.
After the Moodlet has expired, Sims will get another Sad Moodlet (+2 or +3, depending on whether it is a friend or loved one who died) that lasts for 20 days.

Modding Update
Hey everyone,

I’ve had my break, and am starting to get back into the feel of the game. I think I might be ready to continue actively modding soon.

I’m not quite ready to continue major projects, but there should hopefully be a lot more mods from me soon.

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